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Director Rebecca Bachar taught Dance, Exercise, Yoga, Art, Music, Nature Appreciation & English to children & adults at her Nonprofit School in Albania 2021. She provided

Aid to the poor through her charity *The Lotus & Love Program.

*See Charity Page

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Director Ms. Bachar taught Isadora Dance, Yoga, Art, Music. Nature Appreciation. Ayurveda and English to children and adults in Casablanca in 2022. She taught daily at both a private children's school and as a personal tutor.

She performed with students before leaving for Italy.


Ms. Bachar taught Isadora Dance, Yoga, Art, Music. Nature Appreciation and English to children and adults in Italy, 2022.

She taught on the Lido, and Cameron, near Venice and also in the countryside towards Tuscany.

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Kerala, India

Director Rebecca Bachar taught Vedic Dance & Yoga, Art, Music and English to children and adults in Kerala in 2015.

On request by the Priest & Director of an Orphanage School Rebecca taught the girls Isadora's sacred Ave Maria and performed with them in a large Catholic church in Thrissur

Bangalore, India

Director Rebecca Bachar taught English, Vedic ID Dance, Vedic Yoga, Art, Music and Nature Appreciation to children and adults at the Dream School, Orphanage and Training Center in Bangalore, Karnataka, June and July, 2015.

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Rebecca Bachar taught Vedic Yoga, Isadora Duncan Dance, English, and Ayurveda to youth and adults in Sweden in 2021 and 2022. She performed several times including a Christmas Holiday Show


Rebecca Bachar studied with her NYU Professor Jeanne Bresciani, the Artistic Director of IDII, and colleagues in Greece and Albania in 1996. Rebecca performed on a large cruise ship on the Mediterranean Sea and at a UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site in Butrint, Albania

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Cornwall, Canada

At TEMPLE STUDIO Natures Dance classes for Little Ones


At TEMPLE STUDIO- Classes for Big Sisters of Canada

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