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“Let us first teach little children to breathe, to vibrate, to feel, and to become one with the general harmony and movement of nature. Let us first produce a beautiful human being, a dancing child.”  Isadora Duncan

"Isadora Duncan's love and highest priority was children.

She understood that they were the future of our world, that children deserve the best we can give them.

In that light we share the wholesomeness, importance and beauty of the Isadora Duncan Dance technique."  Rebecca Bachar

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Isadora for Children~

Likewise Rebecca Bachar's love and highest priority is children.

Rebecca instructs little ones in beginner Isadora Duncan Dance, creative movement, basic yoga, art, music and nature appreciation.

The Isadora Dance technique preserves joy, increases self confidence and mind-body coordination and builds strength, grace, musicality, and flexibility. Through the Duncan aesthetic, children enjoy floor exercises followed by skips, runs, leaps, turns and scoops – accompanied by great classical & world music. Classes include the Classics, Greek mythology, story telling, and nature imagery.

Isadora was friends with Rudolph Steiner the founder of the Waldorf Education System and she was well acquainted with his philosophy and techniques.

Appreciating the value Isadora integrated the principles into her dance tradition. rebecca bachar north campus village iowa miu

"...Dance is the most natural and beautiful aid to the development of the 

growing child in its constant movement.

Only that education that includes dance is right" Isadora Duncan


TEMPLE STUDIO of FINE ART strives to preserve the natural innocence, beauty and divinity of the child.

TEMPLE STUDIO works to support and increase the health and intelligence of each and every child. Rebecca Bachar

                        All our Childrenrebecca bachar duncan dancer – north campus village fairfield ia miu

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