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                         DIRECTOR'S BIO rebecca bachar whitefish duncan dancer – 

 Rebecca Bachar IDMA Professional & Personal History:

Rebecca Bachar IDMA is the Director of the Iowa NON PROFIT and US 501c3 TEMPLE STUDIO OF FINE ART Charitable Children's Arts Organization, "Natures Dance" Class for Little Ones, The DUNCAN DANCE COMPANY Performing Group, Irresistible Exercise Class for Adults, Vedic Yoga Class and Kids Culture Camp.

Rebecca holds a Certificate in Isadora Duncan Dance. She has been dancing for over 50 yrs, teaching Yoga and the classics: dance, art, music, and nature appreciation for 30 yrs.

Rebecca has been a practitioner of Isadora Duncan Dance since 1994, and has taught and performed in Greece, Albania, India, Canada, New York, Chicago, for CBS STAR SEARCH, and at the Iowa State Capital.



USA, Indiana, Wisconsin-

⦁ Began dance training at age 3, in Modern Dance. 1966



⦁ Studied classical ballet for 27 years, starting at age 5, including the Milwaukee Ballet. 1968 - 1979

⦁ Began Yoga training and practice 1979, at age 16: Studied Hatha Yoga and Pranayama ( breath exercises ), at Mt. Sallys Homestead. 1984 Ayurveda ancient healing and herbal medicine of India, Nadi Pariksha ( ayurvedic pulse diagnosis )

New York-

⦁ Studied and began training in Modern Dance- Isadora Duncan Choreography, Technique, Movement - Isadora Duncan International Institute. 1994 - 1999

⦁ Graduated Certificate Isadora Duncan Studies, Dance and Movement Studies, Isadora for Children, from IDII, New York. 1999



⦁ Studied Ballet, Modern, Middle Eastern, Tango, African,

Yoga, Aerobics and Country Line Dance. 1982 - 1996

⦁ Founded and directed Nature's Dance, Classes for Little Ones- Beginner Isadora for Children. 1995

⦁ Founded The DUNCAN DANCE COMPANY, performing group and advanced Isadora Dance classes. 1996

⦁ Founded and directed TEMPLE STUDIO Of FINE ART And DANCE Center for study and exhibition of Isadora Duncan Dance, Vedic Yoga, Arts and the Classics. 1500 S. Main, 1997, 111 N. Main, 1999

⦁ Founded and directed Isadora for Adults. Dance Instruction. 1998


⦁ Founded, directed MahaKala Art Gallery and Lotus Boutique. 2000

⦁ Completed course Educating the Whole Child - MUM. Oct. 2001.

⦁ Was instrumental in creation of 1st Fridays ARTWALK. 2002 - 2010

⦁ Monthly shows in 1st Fridays ARTWALK s. 2002 - 2009

⦁ Founded Academy for Girls, Private School. 2000 - 2004

⦁ Founded and directed Irresistible Exercise for Adults. 2005

⦁ Taught Dance, Yoga, and Track - Ideal Girls School. 2004 - 2005, Completed Nadi Pariksha (ayurvedic pulse diagnosis ) course

Des Moines, Ia-

⦁ Taught Natures Dance for Little Ones, Isadora for Adults and Irresistible Exercise for Adults - FIREHOUSE YOGA. 2009 - 2010

⦁ Taught Nature's Dance Classes - Unitarian Church. 2009 - 2010

* Performed at Des Moines Art Festival with DD Company, Briani Carey and students

Fairfield, Ia-

⦁ Taught Natures Dance for Little Ones, Isadora for Adults and irresistible Exercise for Adults - Morningstar Studio. 2009 - 2011

⦁ Opened and directed new TEMPLE STUDIO, Natures Dance, DUNCAN DANCE CO., MahaKala Art Gallery. Aug. 2011


Thrissur, Kerala-  rebecca bachar duncan dancer – Site Title

⦁ Taught Yoga to patients - SNA Ayurveda Clinic, Apr. May, 2015

⦁ Taught Yoga, Dance and English to children, adults, handicapped and elderly - Sacred Heart Ashram, orphanage and school. 2015


⦁ Taught Yoga, Pranayama and Dance to children, adults - APSA Dream School, Orphanage and Tech Training School. June, July 2015


Ajax, On.-

⦁ Taught Natures Dance for Little Ones and Isadora for Adults, 2016

⦁ Taught Dance, Yoga to students - Dr. Bondar Public School. 2017

⦁ Taught Dance, Yoga to 6 kids and staff - Boys and Girls Club. 2017

Cornwall, On.-

⦁ Opened TEMPLE STUDIO of FINE ART, MahaKala Art Gallery and Lotus Boutique, 168 Pitt Str. Cornwall, On, Canada. Oct. 2016

⦁ Received Parliamentary Scroll (official United Kingdom document) - Jim McDonell MMP, Member of Provincial Parliament, Oct. 2016

⦁ Directed Natures Dance, Isadora Dance and Vedic Yoga, 2016 - 2017

⦁ Taught Dance, Yoga to kids, staff - Boys and Girls Club. 2016 - 2017

⦁ Taught Dance and Yoga - Big Brothers and Sisters. 2017


Ottumwa, Iowa-

⦁ Opened TEMPLE STUDIO Of FINE ART And DANCE Center For The Arts, 228 East 2nd Street. Jan., 2018

⦁ Directing Natures Dance Classes, Isadora Dance for Adults and Vedic Yoga - TSFA. 2018

⦁ Teaching Dance, Yoga to Adults - ACTIVE OTTUMWA, 2018

* NEW! Montana-

⦁ Volunteer Teacher for The Boys and Girls Club of Columbia Falls, of Arts, Music, Dance, and Yoga



⦁ Born March 11, 1963, Hammond, Indiana, USA

to Raymond Bachar, Chicago Journalist, Writer, Artist

JoAnn Bachar, Milwaukee Therapist, Activist, Artist

Married to Tim Carey Sept. 8, 1984, Chicago


Moved to Iowa in 1986

⦁ Mother of 3, Grandmother of 2, Briani Carey, Tim Carey

⦁ Studied Figure Skating and Gymnastics 1968 - 1977

⦁ Became a childcare provider at age 10.

⦁ As a child, taught dance, theater and gymnastics to children and organized performances.

⦁ Trained as Camp Counselor - Girl Scouts of America Wi. 1977

⦁ Trail Guide for kids and adults at a large Riding Stable in Illinois.​ 1979

⦁ Trained, Certified Nurses Aid, Chicago and Milwaukee, 1979 - 1981

⦁ Trained in First Aid and CPR. 1979 Re-certified CPR. 2010

⦁ Professional Nanny. 1981 - 1990

⦁ Completed course in Hearing Loss in the Elderly, Wis. 1982

⦁ Completed S.T.E.P. Systematic Training For Effective Parenting. 1984

⦁ Completed Mediator Training, Wis. 1985

⦁ Completed SCI: Science of Creative Intelligence Course - MIU..

⦁ Employed at Super Radiance Child Care Center in Fairfield, Ia. 1986.

Home Schooling:

⦁ Home Schooled her 3 children.

⦁ Home Schooled her daughter Briani Carey from 1st grade to Junior year High School.

⦁ Her daughter Briani Graduated from Engineering, at University of Iowa and is employed in her field.

⦁ Worked extensively with Home School students through the Fairfield, Ia. Home School Office and privately.

⦁ Administers activities and classes for children, and the community, including dance, yoga, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, baseball, soccer, cricket, horseback riding, art, piano, art, nature classes and weekly trips to parks, museums and libraries.

⦁ Has volunteered for schools, groups in the U.S., Canada and India. rebecca bachar north campus village MIU Fairfield Iowa

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