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Irresistible Exercise Class 

for Adults & Teens, Begun 1999

Have Fun, Get Fit & Feel Great! 

This class is designed specifically for adults and teenagers who are desiring a fun and unique workout

 Irresistible Exercise utilizes movements and classroom technique from Isadora Duncan Dance that provide the best most effective exercise for the whole body.

Open Class format


Warm Up w Barre Work!

The Isadora Duncan Barre Routine provides an excellent warm up for all the muscle groups.

For all who have done dance and barre work or those who have never done barre...

The Barre Work is beautiful & effective Workout!

 Come enjoy the healthiest, most beautiful form of modern dance and get a great workout!

"Irresistible Exercise & Beginner Isadora"

Workout with the original modern dance technique, created by Isadora Duncan. Known for its natural healthy movements, and personal expression, this dance form is perfect for all levels who wish to move from a place of intelligence and beauty. Each class includes a warm-up, exercises and barre, improvisation and segments of historical repertory.

Duncan Dance classes offer great exercise starting with a warm introduction, a therapeutic natural body warm-up to prepare the body, traditional Duncan floor and standing work, barre, across-the-floor locomotive exercises, structured improvisation and introduction to Isadora's original dances.

Wear comfortable clothes: sweats, yoga pants..


Director Rebecca Bachar has completed CPR training, was recently re-certified and is a Certified Nurses Assistant. This insures safety and care of all students 

Here’s what we’ve been working on-

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