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Rebecca Marie Bachar-Carey 

 "I believe that your teaching is a precious gift to humankind.

May the Divine fully support your teachin​g and dancing career."  P. Shimura. Student, Japanese Translator

Rebecca Bachar IDMA is the Director of a Nonprofit US 501c3 Charitable Children's Arts Org. 

TEMPLE STUDIO OF FINE ART . She directs, volunteers, teaches and performs  the Arts; Isadora Dance, Yoga, kids camps, the Classics; Art, Music and Nature Appreciation.. 


Rebecca is the Director of The DUNCAN DANCE COMPANY, 

"Nature's Dance" Class for Little Ones, Kids Culture Camp, Vedic Yoga Class and 

Irresistible Exercise Class for Adults.

Rebecca Marie Bachar, (previously Becky Carey) has been dancing since age 3 and working with children since age 5 when her younger brother was born.  By age 10, Rebecca was a childcare provider.

When she was 14 years old she became a trained camp counselor for the Girl scouts of America, 

At age 16 Rebecca worked as a trail guide taking school groups and families on horseback rides, and began studying Health, Healing Modalities: Diet, Exercise, Yoga, Ayurveda, Pranayama and Massage

Rebecca became a professional nanny at 18 years old.

Rebecca Bachar is a proud mother and a grandmother, she has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. 

In 1984 Rebecca married Tim Carey and began her family, giving birth to her first son Timothy. Motherhood inspired her interest in child development and childhood education. Rebecca began studying both, taking classes, reading and researching. 

Most impressed with Waldorf and Montessori education, she studied both systems and enrolled her son in a Iowa childcare center and elementary school that utilized both the Waldorf and Montessori methods. 

Rebecca worked as a teacher for 2 different classes at the childcare center and school in her 20's.


Rebecca began teaching Isadora Duncan Dance in 1994 at age 31, directing Nature's Dance Classes for Little Ones.  

She created The DUNCAN DANCE COMPANY performing group for intermediate and advanced students in 1995.

Rebecca founded the TEMPLE STUDIO OF FINE ART in 1996 and became Non Profit in 2004.

She opened the Academy for Girls, a private alternative school for home school students in 2001. 

Rebecca began her work and training in the Isadora Duncan Dance tradition in Feb., 1994, at age 30, under the tutelage of Jeanne Bresciani, Artistic Director of the Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc. (IDII) New York, New York.

After 4 years, 2 years of workshops and intensives and the 2 year IDII Certificate Program, Rebecca graduated in July, 1999 with a Certificate in Isadora Duncan Studies & Isadora For Children.

Jeanne Bresciani, M.A., M.A., I.M.A., Ph.D., the main protégée of Maria Theresa Duncan, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan, serves as Artistic Director for the IDII, founded by Maria-Theresa Duncan, ‘the last dancing Isadorable’ and Kay Bardsley in 1977. Jeanne is recognized nationally and internationally as a solo performer, choreographer, educator and scholar of unparalleled authority on Isadora Duncan’s life, works and performance repertoire. Her lineage encompasses years of intensive study and performance with Hortense Kooluris and Julia Levien of the Anna and Irma Duncan heritage, as well as childhood dance training and young adulthood internship with Anita Zahn of the Elizabeth Duncan School.

Rebecca Bachar has earned a reputation in Iowa, the Midwest, 

as the inaugural representative of Isadora Duncan's dance art and traditions. 

She is enjoyed as "an impassioned, accurate and progressive Duncan Dancer. Through her work many have experienced the agelessness, purity & musicality of Isadora Dance that has been passed down to Rebecca by 2nd generation Dancer Jeanne Bresciani.

Rebecca Bachar is dedicated to Preserving, Cultivating,& Expressing the Timeless Art of Isadora Duncan 

NEW! Rebecca has completed training and is now a Certified MT Public School Substitute Teacher.

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"A Glowing testimonial!"

TESTIMONIAL  rebecca bachar duncan dancer – Site Title

"I have know Rebecca for over 20 years. My association with her was primarily as a supervising teacher for the School District. In that capacity I taught classes to her daughter and many children who were students of Rebecca’s dance and art studio. I also provided home school supervision for many of Rebecca’s students.

The positive impact Rebecca had on the students under my supervision, including her daughter Briani, can not be overstated. Briani not only was an excellent student in my home school classes but she was a graceful and engaging high achiever. It’s one thing to excel in school work but the kindness she showed to adults and fellow students was remarkable. I have found it is difficult for young people to connect with adults but not so with Briani. Whether participating in the classes or in casual passing in our town, Briani has been a kind and thoughtful individual.

I knew Rebecca’s value to our community even more through students from the district’s home school assistance program. As an example, one student who I worked with for 9 years and who also had classes from Rebecca was a young girl who, like the rest of her family, suffered from learning disabilities. All the children were given every advantage the parents could afford but several of this student’s siblings struggled with multiple difficulties.

While the learning academics was difficult for my student, her time with Rebecca proved to be the leg up she needed. Continuing with dance through her teenage years, this girl became an accomplished performer. Rebecca’s support for her and the curriculum Rebecca provided allowed my student to experience success even though she struggled academically.

A major benefit of my student’s work with Rebecca’s dedication and tutelage was her growth in confidence and that belief in herself that transferred over to academics. She was unstoppable. The young woman went on to graduate from a correspondence high school then to college where she learned strategies for navigating her learning disability. Rebecca’s former protege has just finished a masters program where she will be a psychological therapist. I credit her success which went way beyond her siblings to the support and training she got from Rebecca.

These stories of the success and maturation of Rebecca’s daughter and this student was not unusual. So many young girls developed grace and confidence from Rebecca’s teaching. Rebecca is a beloved member of her Iowa community and I am guessing she will have many students who will fill up her classes.. If her youngest is like his sister, he will be a hard worker and academically gifted student who excels at anything he attempts all the while being a kind and caring friend and member of the community.

I heartily recommend Rebecca’s tutelage in all areas.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this reference and consider my experience with a wonderful mother and community member."  J. Crouch. Teacher, Masters in Education, mother Iowa  

North Campus Village MIU Fairfield Iowa Mother now Whitefish rebecca bachar duncan dancer 

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