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Artist Megan Maurice has an eye for beauty, a head for creativity and a heart full of love for the colors of life!




An Art Extravaganza at The TEMPLE STUDIO of FINE ART


A New Exhibit Combining Art, Dance, and Music Open for the December Art Walk.

Experience a real adventure in art. Be submersed in a delicious blend of multiple art forms.

Come take a rich and wondrous journey into the sensual and colorful paintings of Megan Maurice. You will be transported through the show by longtime Isadora Duncan dancer Rebecca Bachar and Duncan Dance students and accompanied by an intoxicating variety of beautiful live and recorded music.

Artist Megan Maurice graduated from Cornell College with a degree in Studio Art and has been painting daily for many years. Her work has been exhibited at the Lincoln Cafe and she has sold many of her paintings. As beautiful and graceful as her art, Megan studied Isadora Duncan dance with Rebecca for many years starting as a young child.

"Megan's art is truly beautiful, both playful and erotic, reminiscent of Georgia O'Keefe. It has a incredible and captivating balance of composition and an amazing, flowing and diverse use of design and color. The effect is harmonizing, uplifting and energizing. Come and enjoy. You do not want to miss this show!" says TSFA Director Rebecca Bachar.

This show aims to give a deeper and more rewarding relationship with the art and the artist. All works are for sale. PLEASE FORWARD this to All. Thank you, Rebecca & Megz

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